Sunday, May 5, 2019

Petey's Wireless Fence

No more running around the neighborhood!

He had one prior, but I wanted him to have more freedom/trust to not roam around.  McKenzie, who passed away last year, did not need a fence.  She knew not to leave the yard.  Bad on me for thinking Petey would be just like her.  He's a good, sweet dog, but also incurably rebellious.

I had sold his old wireless fence, and bought the exact same model again off of Amazon.

Is it the PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System.  And here is a brief review with some videos.

Setting it up is pretty straight forward.  It comes with a handy-dandy light tool ("light" as in, a bulb that glows when activated), that you can hold over the prongs, in order to see the actual radius of the fence, and plant the flags.

Planting the flags takes about a half hour tops (or less), and once done, your Pup will now get a visual understanding of where the fence actually is, to associate with the beeping then mild electric shock that the collar gives if they continue on past the beeping.

If I recall with Petey's last fence, it took maybe just one time for him to learn to stop at the beeping.  With this second time around, he didn't even need training!!!  And it's been a long time, maybe a year, since he last had the collar/fence.

Here we go out, on this nice Sunday, showing off the collar and how he understands it means time to go outside.  He had just been out and so, the collar is on him when I started the video.  You can see he doesn't mind it at all.

These next videos were taken Easter Day, the day I got the PetSafe wireless fence system all hooked up and ready to go:

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