Thursday, July 26, 2018

How Smart Is Your Dog? Now You Can Compare

All that energy people put into posting YouTube videos of their clever — or dumb — dogs can be harnessed for the good of scientific research.  A team at Duke University found that dog owners could competently test their pets at home for studies on canine intelligence.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Why is that dog looking at me?

More than one experiment has made some things pretty clear.  Dogs look at humans much more than wolves do.  Wolves tend to put their nose to the Tupperware and keep at it.  This evidence has led to the unsurprising conclusion that dogs are more socially connected to humans and wolves more self-reliant.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Nonprofit takes pups from death row, trains them as veteran service dogs

EVANS, Georgia (WKRN) –  Dozens of veterans now have service dogs thanks to a Georgia organization. On Saturday, 36 veterans gathered at the Columbia County Library in Evans, GA to see their rescued dogs graduate from different levels of service training.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Getting a Dog

You've had a life change.  You're being talked into it.  You think you'll look good with that dog.  Or it's just too darn cute.

There are many reasons for getting a dog, but all of them need to come with an understanding that there are positive things about getting a dog, but there's also responsibility.

Pros, cons, ups, downs, chewed-up favorite shoes, poop on the good carpet, and then time for walks, play, going outside ... for some these all mean a dog isn't for them, so before plunging in and spending money for all the shots starting out, consider the following:

  • This will be a commitment on your part for years to come.
  • It will require time and attention.
  • You will have to consider your dog if/when you want to stay overnight else where.
  • You will need to utilize close friends or family at some point.
  • There will be money needed for shots, checkups, boarding, etc.
  • You will be the one in trouble if your dog does something wrong to some one else.
  • Per year, the expense of having a dog can go into the $1000s.
  • Is your home even appropriate for a dog?
  • If you rent, your lease may not allow for a dog.
  • If you have children, will they get along?
  • Do you spend a lot of time away from home?  Having a dog means being home and less social life.
  • Some people are allergic to dogs.
  • Be prepared to spend time and money on: training, play-time, the veterinarian and medication and vitamins.

If all of the above is not an issue, then perhaps you are primed and ready for one of the best friends you'll ever have.

McKenzie is definitely my best friend, and I look forward to seeing her each day as I'm driving home, as she is too.

Good luck finding and starting out a wonderful life with your best friend!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Don't worry, he won't jump out...."

Aaaaand he jumped out....

Listen, if you put a dog not used to an open vehicle in the back of an open vehicle, there's a good chance he will jump out. The same goes for if you roll down a window too far in a car.

And this is exactly what happened a few weekends ago as I went with my son-in-law in his open jeep, with "Archy" his pet English Bulldog nicely placed in the backseat.  Luckily, Archy appeared to be ok, showing no lasting signs of any real harm.  As we just finished a tight turn on a suburb road, traveling maybe 10/15 mph, Archy jumped!  He landed on his thick, muscular back, and slid many feet.  My son-in-law stopped, ran to him, checked him out and then brought him back to the vehicle where I insisted on holding him.  I had earlier offered that service but was confidently told not to worry..

Should I?

No, too far down too fast..

"Oh come on just do it!" says Archy little devil on his right shoulder..

Sorry, no pics of the actual jump or aftermath, but I do offer Van Halen's, "Jump!"

And I always enjoy google auto-complete: