Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Don't worry, he won't jump out...."

Aaaaand he jumped out....

Listen, if you put a dog not used to an open vehicle in the back of an open vehicle, there's a good chance he will jump out. The same goes for if you roll down a window too far in a car.

And this is exactly what happened a few weekends ago as I went with my son-in-law in his open jeep, with "Archy" his pet English Bulldog nicely placed in the backseat.  Luckily, Archy appeared to be ok, showing no lasting signs of any real harm.  As we just finished a tight turn on a suburb road, traveling maybe 10/15 mph, Archy jumped!  He landed on his thick, muscular back, and slid many feet.  My son-in-law stopped, ran to him, checked him out and then brought him back to the vehicle where I insisted on holding him.  I had earlier offered that service but was confidently told not to worry..

Should I?

No, too far down too fast..

"Oh come on just do it!" says Archy little devil on his right shoulder..

Sorry, no pics of the actual jump or aftermath, but I do offer Van Halen's, "Jump!"

And I always enjoy google auto-complete:

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