Saturday, May 25, 2019

Stinkin' dust in this room

Dogs continue to improve our lives: this time, our wine

In the wine industry, dogs are being used to detect TCA and its relatives, which are the bane of winemakers everywhere. A little TCA goes a long way and is the primary cause of  “cork taint,” a musty, moldy, wet cardboard smell and taste in wines. Most people can spot it at a concentration of around 5 parts per trillion, the equivalent of a few drops in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, according to Jamie Goode, whose most recent book is Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine (University of California Press, $23).

Noodle wars

Dog and pasta. from r/gifs

Monday, May 20, 2019

Another Basset Hound Mix

So, Petey is a Basset Hound Beagle mix: a Bagle Hound.  I came across this guy earlier in May: a Basset Hound, Golden Retriever mix:

You can see the signature feet of the Basset Hound from front-on

The head is not Basset Hound at all, possibly a Labrador?

Sunday, May 19, 2019


He fell asleep on the chair swing from r/Eyebleach

Yoga Balls

This is what happens when you buy Yoga balls from Amazon, and leave them out with the rest of your yoga equipment.  They look just like dog balls to Petey!!!

Mother Dog/Baby Monkey & Baby Dog/Mother Monkey

Let me help a bunny out

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe Dog Treats

I've been giving Petey these dog treats for a couple of weeks now.  He loves them better than other treats I have bought locally.  They contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals.  They smell extremely beefy.  If I had to say, they smell like beef jerky I would eat.  (It's crossed my mind to try one!.. not there yet!).  These have a zoomies level of +90!!!

Video 1

Video 2
(Sorry for the tilt!)

Friday, May 17, 2019

Therapy dogs get their own year book page

"Most Likely To Lick!"

The crew of doggos has been an unwavering, consoling, integral part of the school since a gunman walked onto campus on Valentine's Day 2018 and killed 17 students and staff. They go to class, give handshakes in the hallways, and wag tails in the courtyard outside the cafeteria as teens flood in and out for lunch.

Dog being a bro

Everyone deserves a wingman, or dog. from r/aww

I bless thee

How I feel every time I pet a dog from r/aww

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

UPSP: United Parcel Service Pooches

There's a Facebook page that highlights the dogs UPS workers meet every day:

UPS Dogs

It's as straight-forward as that: UPS workers taking pics of friendly dogs they encounter.  There's some neat videos too such as last Halloween.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Marine Dog Training Tips as a good article with 7 tips Marines use to train MWDs: Military Working Dogs

1. You have to build a relationship.
2. Groom your dog every day.
3. Consistency is key.
4. Training takes time.
5. Dogs have bad days too.
6. Dogs need to have fun.
7. Not every dog is going to be able to learn every task.

Check out the article for details on each tip.  There's some real gold in them.

My favorite is number 5.  Remember, dogs are people too!!!

"Say you've been training your dog for weeks. He's performing well, and then one day he just refuses to work for you. He won't sit. He seems bored, antsy, tired, or just lazy.
Don't get mad, and don't continue to correct the dog if it isn't working. Dogs have their bad days too. Sometimes they just don't want to work. If you try to force it, you will become frustrated and angry, which hardly ever leads to good results. Recognize that there might be a medical issue at play. Sick dogs aren't usually enthusiastic students.
During an evaluation at my last base, a dog wouldn't stay in the sit. The handler couldn't get the dog to stay after multiple corrections. The evaluator took a close look and saw that the dog was positioned on an ant hill and had fire ants biting his legs. Continuing to correct the dog in that situation would be ineffective and would harm the good rapport between dog and handler.
Recognize that your dog is a living, breathing creature that has feelings and emotions."

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Petey's Wireless Fence

No more running around the neighborhood!

He had one prior, but I wanted him to have more freedom/trust to not roam around.  McKenzie, who passed away last year, did not need a fence.  She knew not to leave the yard.  Bad on me for thinking Petey would be just like her.  He's a good, sweet dog, but also incurably rebellious.

I had sold his old wireless fence, and bought the exact same model again off of Amazon.

Is it the PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System.  And here is a brief review with some videos.

Setting it up is pretty straight forward.  It comes with a handy-dandy light tool ("light" as in, a bulb that glows when activated), that you can hold over the prongs, in order to see the actual radius of the fence, and plant the flags.

Planting the flags takes about a half hour tops (or less), and once done, your Pup will now get a visual understanding of where the fence actually is, to associate with the beeping then mild electric shock that the collar gives if they continue on past the beeping.

If I recall with Petey's last fence, it took maybe just one time for him to learn to stop at the beeping.  With this second time around, he didn't even need training!!!  And it's been a long time, maybe a year, since he last had the collar/fence.

Here we go out, on this nice Sunday, showing off the collar and how he understands it means time to go outside.  He had just been out and so, the collar is on him when I started the video.  You can see he doesn't mind it at all.

These next videos were taken Easter Day, the day I got the PetSafe wireless fence system all hooked up and ready to go:

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Peteys' Amazon Pet Profile

I wish "Amazon" started with a "P" so that my title would be very awesome!

Petey now has his own official Pet Profile at Amazon.

Create your pet a Pet Profile at Amazon.

Although there was a 20% discount, up to $20, that promotion ended at the end of 2017, but apparently, Amazon has "Pet Music" ready to go for your pet:

"Soothe and entertain your pet with music
Lastly, our pets are family too, right? Why not treat them to some pet-friendly tunes on Prime Music? Our music (and pet) experts have come up with two curated playlists and two albums that feature music any domesticated creature will love. Try Classical for Pets while you're away at work, or our Walking the Dog playlist for when you're out with your best friend. Many of us adopt pets that need a little extra TLC. Your nervous kitty or shy dog will love 'Calming Music for Pets and Calming Music for Pets While You Are Gone.'"

"...nuthin's gonna slow me down!"

Velvet hippo doesn't let his handicap stop him from r/Eyebleach

A little slice of Dog Heaven

“Best. Day. Ever!” Dog+marching band

Dog Rescuers

Some good people rescuing dogs left behind to face the floodwaters of Hurricane Florence from r/HumansBeingBros