Saturday, May 4, 2019

Peteys' Amazon Pet Profile

I wish "Amazon" started with a "P" so that my title would be very awesome!

Petey now has his own official Pet Profile at Amazon.

Create your pet a Pet Profile at Amazon.

Although there was a 20% discount, up to $20, that promotion ended at the end of 2017, but apparently, Amazon has "Pet Music" ready to go for your pet:

"Soothe and entertain your pet with music
Lastly, our pets are family too, right? Why not treat them to some pet-friendly tunes on Prime Music? Our music (and pet) experts have come up with two curated playlists and two albums that feature music any domesticated creature will love. Try Classical for Pets while you're away at work, or our Walking the Dog playlist for when you're out with your best friend. Many of us adopt pets that need a little extra TLC. Your nervous kitty or shy dog will love 'Calming Music for Pets and Calming Music for Pets While You Are Gone.'"

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