Thursday, May 31, 2018

Five Indoor Activites For You And Your Dog

With the changes in time and seasons, there just isn't enough daylight by the time I get home from work -- after a 30+ minute commute one way -- to do ball with McKenzie.  She, of course, doesn't understand this, and still goes to the door for ball time.  Instead, we have to find ways to get her that daily exercise:

1. Use the basement/garage: it isn't the same as the long tosses across the some 1 acre back yard I have, but I gentle roll or toss in either my basement or garage, still causes her to use bursts of speed to retrieve the ball.  Enough of this, and she does get a little winded.  She's going for fun, I'm going for fun + getting her that needed exercise.

2. Indoor Parks: check your city/town.  Many have indoor dog parks perfect for what I just described above.  It is usually just a small fee.

3. Go to town: find a Petco or other pet-friendly place, and take your best pal with you.  It will spark their senses into action and be fun for all.

4. Tug-of-war: Most dogs love this.  Just get a rope/towel/whathaveyou and make them fight for control!

5. Give them a bath!  This will be work, and you both might not be as excited about it as the other four choices above, but it is something that needs done anyhow, and it'll get you time together.

McKenzie finding Indoor Fun

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